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"Bill has extensive experience in both engineering career changes and helping one advance along a career path.  His guidance and counsel has been invaluable and enriching."


W. G.
Investment Mgmt. Firm



"He has a knack for asking questions that speak to the core of your professional desires."

Tom Gill
Reformed Engineer
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Career Change, Career Coach, Career Advancement Services


Over 25 years of experience allows us to provide objective, professional assistance in improving the operation of your organization.

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Strategic Planning

STRATEGIC PLANNING Sure, you think you know where your company is going...but does everyone else have the same vision. A plan develops, focuses and communicates direction. In the process, you learning more about your business.

Interview Training

BUDGETING — Money comes in. Money goes out. But are you really doing as well as you could? A budget provides realistic targets for revenue and boundaries for expenses to help you maximize corporate performance.


PRICING Are you charging enough? Too much? What price will allow you to maximize profit? Do you know? Setting prices can be one of the most difficult decisions. There should be logic, reason and methodology to your approach.

Meeting Facilitation

MEETING FACILITATION There are only two factors that count when you're hosting a meeting time and accomplishments. Professional facilitation keeps your meeting focused, draws out information and leads to decisions.