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"Bill has extensive experience in both engineering career changes and helping one advance along a career path.  His guidance and counsel has been invaluable and enriching."


W. G.
Investment Mgmt. Firm







"He has a knack for asking questions that speak to the core of your professional desires."

Tom Gill
Reformed Engineer
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Career Change, Career Coach, Career Advancement Services


Your career provides the money to buy a house, care for your family and invest for your future — it is the biggest investment of your life. It is also a major part of your well-being and happiness. If you aren't happy at work, your home and personal life are likely to suffer.

Let Exponential Careers guide you in identifying and maximizing the right career path for you.

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Career Coach

CAREER COACHEveryone faces career challenges. Professional, objective advice and direction helps you solve problems, accelerate opportunities, improve focus and enhance your career.

Career Change

CAREER CHANGE / JOB CHANGEOver 80% of people are dissatisfied in their current job. Don't be one of them. We can assist you in discovering and landing the right job for you.

Career Strategy

CAREER STRATEGY Successful careers most often develop through careful thought and planning. Don't move aimlessly from one job to another, without truly understanding where you are trying to go. Long-term planning leads to the best near-term decisions.

Career Development

CAREER DEVELOPMENT Who's looking out for your career? In most cases, it's not your boss or the company you work for. You need to take control of your own career and that's much easier with insightful, knowledgeable advice.

Resume Writing

PROFESSIONAL RESUME ANALYSISWhat's your resume missing? What might it be doing wrong? Perfect your resume before sending it out to all your best contacts.

Resume Writing

RESUME WRITING Employers receive stacks of resumes for the best jobs. Will yours stand out? Your resume is often your first impression — Good isn't enough — you need and deserve a great resume.


INTERVIEWING — A great interview quickly sets you apart from the crowd...and gets you the offer. Learn how to be in control of an interview so that you come through as the obvious choice. Let us teach you the secrets that are used to win the best jobs.

Salary & Benefits Negotiation

SALARY & BENEFITS NEGOTIATION You've been offered the job — Great! But you're not done yet. The easiest raise you will ever get is the one you negotiate before you accept the offer. We'll show you how to get more while building respect and credibility.