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"Bill has extensive experience in both engineering career changes and helping one advance along a career path.  His guidance and counsel has been invaluable and enriching."


W. G.
Investment Mgmt. Firm



"He has a knack for asking questions that speak to the core of your professional desires."

Tom Gill
Reformed Engineer
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Career Change, Career Coach, Career Advancement Services


Your group needs an interesting, educational, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. Call Bill McGinnis.

Knowing where to go with your career is a universal challenge. Young or old...engineer or sales professional...it is hard to know what to do next.

Should I change careers or take a different approach to the one I'm in? What are the careers that are likely to have the greatest long-term potential? How can I stand out from the crowd?

Bill will reach your audience with a presentation tailored to your needs.

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Keynote Speaker Company or Business

FOR YOUR COMPANY OR BUSINESS Are you holding a company seminar, sales meeting or other event? People want to advance their careers. You want your employees to continue growing. Make everyone happy while providing strong content.

Keynote Speaker College University

FOR YOUR COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY — College students have everything to gain from experienced, professional career advice. It's the perfect time for strong guidance and advice. What are employers looking for? What skills do I need? How do I choose a path that will make me happy?

Keynote Speaker Group or Organization

FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION Your professional group or other organization will be pleased that you provided a speaker they want to hear. Career growth and job selection are topics that impact nearly everyone.