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"Bill has extensive experience in both engineering career changes and helping one advance along a career path.  His guidance and counsel has been invaluable and enriching."


W. G.
Investment Mgmt. Firm



"He has a knack for asking questions that speak to the core of your professional desires."

Tom Gill
Reformed Engineer
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Corporate Hiring Services


With nearly three decades of experience in hiring high-quality professionals, Exponential Careers can improve the quality of your new hires, while shortening the time it takes to bring them on-board and lowering your costs.

Small investments can yield large returns.

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Effective Recruiting

EFFECTIVE RECRUITING To hire the best people, you must stand out from the crowd. What makes your company unique and special? Let us train you in the three keys to hiring the best people selling, selling and more selling.

Interview Training

INTERVIEW TRAINING — While most people have been trained to go on an interview, few have ever been trained to conduct one. Don't lose the best candidates due to poor interviewing on the part of your staff.

On-Campus Recruiting

ON-CAMPUS RECRUITING Campuses are a great source of low-cost, ambitious talent. The key is to target and hire the best talent available. We can outsource this process for you or train your people to land the best of the class.

New-Hire Retention

NEW-HIRE RETENTION Don't end the recruiting process when the recruit says yes. That often leads to their departure within two to three years. We'll teach you to retain employees much longer by making them feel welcome and valuable.

Corporate Coaching

CORPORATE COACHING Help your staff grow and develop with one-on-one or group coaching. Whether it's overcoming select issues or providing the opportunity to leap forward, coaching accelerates employee development.